Live Streaming by Annam

Written by De Laszlo scholar Annam Butt

Social media can often feel a little overwhelming when it comes to marketing yourself, however, I believe it is one of the most valuable tools we have currently as artists. Although it is definitely over saturated with millions of different personalities it is not too complicated to find a little place for yourself on a platform and reap its benefits.

Live streaming I found was a fantastic tool for myself to grow as an artist and get my work out there. It allows you to connect with an audience all across the world, share your process, and most importantly entertain people. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter all offer live streaming options that are worth exploring. In advertising, we often engage far more with a moving image, animation or video than a static image. So why not apply this simple theory in marketing yourself as an artist?

In the past few years that I have been live streaming, I found that people want a genuine interaction from the person they are following. It’s not as complicated as doing something totally unique and unseen before, it’s more about bringing your own voice to an audience. Content creators often have a higher chance of selling their work since viewers are able to watch the creation process from start to finish, many viewers commission their own pieces for the same reasons. It’s a simple way to make a piece even more personal and if you do not mind a little company while you paint just turn on your camera and get to work! Interaction is key, even if there is no one watching remember that you can leave your replay up for people to view at their leisure, awkward silences for long periods of time may lure people away and not give them an incentive to come back again. Although it can be slow and an unpredictable process consistency is key with live streaming.

Last year I visited The Louvre in Paris and live streamed my visit to the museum. I was able to share my own experience with the world and share what inspired me. Many flocked in to see the Mona Lisa live and requested other favourites in the gallery. Sharing The Louvre with my following was a great experience for me, I suddenly had a few familiar online friends that accompanied me on my adventure which made my visit so much greater and more enjoyable.

the Louvre
Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, The Louvre
the Louvre
Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike of Samothrace), The Louvre
the Louvre
Nike’s Hand
(A hidden little gem many overlook in the Louvre located near the Winged Victory)

There is no magic formula in being successful online, rather than over thinking it, enjoy the process and think of ways you could stand out and what you already have to offer. Being consistent with how often you go live can also help. Like your favourite TV program, if you have a scheduled time every week that you go live this helps greatly. Your audience will know when to expect you. Youtubers adopt the same strategy as well. The main thing to note is to do it for the right reasons. Overnight success is not a thing, every good business takes time to build, be consistent, enjoy what you do and provide content that is unique to you and your personality. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde


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