Christie’s Lates by Emma Sutton

Christie’s Lates Workshop 

Our 2020 series of workshops kicked off at Christie’s Lates: Art Beyond Borders – a celebration of art from both the UK and abroad. Amongst an incredible spectrum of Modern British Art from the upcoming sale The Delighted Eye: Works from the Collection of Allen and Beryl Freer– including works by Ivon Hitchens, John Piper and Winifred Nicholson.  We had 40 people attending our two still-life pastel workshops where they created their own Modern British masterpieces with Ann’s guidance. And how inspiring it was to be surrounded by so many masterpieces! 

The evening was made extra special for me as I used to work in the Modern British Art Department at Christie’s; it was wonderful to be back, albeit it under a slightly different guise.  Ann and I were given a very warm welcome from Colin, Christie’s award-winning doorman (!), and treated to a couple of glasses of gin & tonic – which definitely helped to get our creative juices flowing! 

We set up our workshop area in the Lower Ryder Street gallery and it worked brilliantly as the objects, flowers and tablecloths that we’d brought toned in extremely well with the stunning paintings as well as the colour of the walls! The spot-lighting was amazing, so our little still life set-ups looked very striking and cast lots of great shadows.

Ann began the workshops with a demo and a quick synopsis of our method, which we hoped would help tackle the task in hand; the students had to remember to keep in mind proportions, line & volume, values and colour…and to have fun! Each student was then armed with a couple of pieces of toned paper and some hard pastels – before being let loose on the variety of still life and flower compositions inspired by the wonderful array of paintings gracing the walls around us.

It was great fun watching everyone working away having taken on board Ann’s words of wisdom. From complete beginners to those with more artistic experience, everybody was so enthusiastic with their interpretation, which were very expressive, full of colour and definitely rivaled the paintings on view!   We had such a happy evening and we’re really looking forward to our next workshop at Christie’s later in the year.

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