Foundation Course – Shirley’s work and study life in LFAS Week 7

From the 7th lesson, we will be introduced to oil painting techniques. As the first class of oil painting, we learnt from using a limited colour palette, to learn the treatment of the light and shade in monochrome. In the beginning, choose a dark colour such as burnt umber or ivory black as the main colour, mix with a small amount of turpentine to smear the canvas panel with a large brush, and wipe to get the surface even by tissue paper. The following painting steps for the composition, proportion, shadow shapes and values are the same as the charcoal drawings we learnt before. It was quite interesting to see how the drawing techniques can be applied the same on paintings.

The brightest parts can be rubbed out by tissue paper, for example in the fourth image below. When I rubbed the panel, I used the help of turpentine, because the panel I used was a cheap one I bought years ago. Tutor said that a good quality panel like Fredrix can be wiped out very easily, which it’s good to know that there are many elements can impact the results. The final look was finished by mixing with titanium white oil colour.

I specifically chose the male torso as my first practice, because I had been drawing the female torso and cast in my previous classes, which their outlines and shadows are very soft. The muscles of the male torso are much stronger, and the shadow shapes and body structures are much clearer. The result is easier to present, and it will make me feel a sense of accomplishment.

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第七周的Foundation课程我在London Fine Art Studios工作和学习的日子




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