Shirley’s work and study life in LFAS – Foundation Course, 4-6 Weeks

In the following 4 to 6 lessons, we can choose the more complicated human torsos or plaster casts by ourselves to practice, which the drawing methods are the same as what we learnt from the previous lessons. We also changed to draw on the white paper rather than the brown paper, which makes the contract between the light and dark more obvious. It’s a shame that I missed the fourth class because of personal reason. So that I skipped the practice of the simple torso drawing and went straight to the cast drawing. This makes me lose one tutor’s guidance and lose the transition of the skill’s practice. It actually makes me a little bit confusing for a moment when I started to draw the ‘Fisher Boy’, which was quite a challenge for me. So, I would suggest that if no necessary, don’t miss lessons! It really makes a difference.

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Shirley’s Cast Drawing week 4

The method is the same as we learnt how to draw the geometric blocks – to find the proportion of the whole object, and use straight lines to set the position, size and shape. The purpose of these lessons is to consolidate the practice of mass, proportion, shades, value, tones and stereoscope degrees. The feeling and enjoyment of drawing on white paper are much better than on brown paper. The effect will come out quickly, especially sometimes will let me have a sense of achievement.

But I don’t know if it is because the dark parts of my drawings are always not deep enough, or the contrast is not obvious enough. The cast drawings I’ve done in these two lessons look not very clean. Or perhaps because my daubing technique is not decisive and mature, so I repeatedly modified too many times.

Moreover, from the ‘Cherub’ drawing I did in the sixth lesson, can be seen that I still have problems in proportion. I was too hurry to enter the shadow daubing stage when I did this drawing, ignored that to get a more accurate proportion is the most important. The result is that the feeling of the character is not right – the little girl was drawn into the feeling of an adult. I will pay attention to this for the oil painting study next week!

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Shirley’s Cast drawing 6

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