Stella’s Story – her experience at the studios.

I reached out to LFAS to gain some work experience during a year out from University. I study Illustration Animation at Kingston School of Art which is a brilliantly open course, so my options following graduation aren’t at all limited. This meant I wanted to try out a number of different placements to ‘work out’ what I might be interested in doing in the future. LFAS gave me such a great insight into running a school as well as a physical and online art shop (and small café!), so I got three for one!

Both my tuition and art work differ from that of LFAS’ structure so I found my time there super eye opening in terms of the craft and intricacies of fine art painting, portraiture and more traditional means of making work. Moreover, the difference in my art education and the structure and teaching of LFAS furthered my interest in art tuition and education. Most of all, it was so inspiring to be surrounded by such passionate individuals, and I’m proud to say since helping out at LFAS, I’ve been inspired to dabble in a bit of painting!

Whilst I’ve written initially about how I completed a series of work placements to try and establish what my future work may entail, I’m not any more settled! But LFAS definitely made me realise I have a passion for art education so… perhaps an MA?!

 Thank you to both the students and staff at LFAS, who were both generous and welcoming, and taught me a lot! 

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