Painting and drawing bring us the pleasure of creating and catching the moment. Both artistic endeavours help to ease stress, stimulate creativity and cultivate emotional growth. By all definitions these activities make excellent hobbies.

But have you ever thought about making them a career choice? Apart from the moral
satisfaction artistic pursuits can bring, people can also make significant financial gains. Specialists from Jooble the second biggest job search engine worldwide, have prepared a list of well paid jobs that utilise the skills of painting and


Average salary: £32,000

An animator produces drawings either physically or digitally in a sequential order so that the end result is a moving image. This type of artistry is increasingly digital with contemporary animators using powerful software to generate the required content for a client.

There is a wide variety of sectors that animators can be required for including videos, film, television, video games and even mobile devices. They must often develop storyboards which
maps out projects for the script and narrative context, so creative flair and the ability to sketch outlines by hand is quite essential. Animators today do not have to be exceptional artists in their own right with the advent of graphic software, but they do need to have an educated eye to successfully bring the concept to life.

Graphic Designer

Average salary: £24,000 per year

An overwhelming majority of people perceive information visually and process it quickly. That’s why creating effective channels of communication using catchy images, logos and signs remains an important business task. By producing clear visual concepts, graphic designers promote the value of particular products, ideas or projects. Websites, presentations, brochures or videos — all of these things have to be visually attractive and self-explanatory. Graphic design has many fast developing branches and offers a variety of career paths which why it remains popular and well paid.


Average salary: £29,000 per year

An illustrator is an artist who creates original artwork for commercial purposes such as books, logos, product packaging and also online content. They can work with various mediums that artists traditionally use but can also use digital or graphic illustration to produce their output. In many ways this career is closely related to graphic design as modern illustrators often produce physical and then electronic renderings of their work so a working knowledge of graphic design is a benefit here. Illustrators often specialise in certain fields such as lifelike medical illustrations, or more cartoon type styles for children literature. Building a portfolio of niche content can give you an audience for your chosen style and preference for illustration.

Tattoo Artist

Average salary: £41,000 per year

The art of painting on the human body decoratively may be controversial but is still very impressive. Similar to other artists, specialists in this area have to be creative, attentive to details and highly skilled. The big difference between tattoo artists and other colleagues in the field is that they use indelible inks instead of regular tints. They must also abide by strict health regulations aimed at ensuring client safety as a top priority.

Another important task tattoo artists must contend with is consulting with clients who want permanent body art prior to its creation. Profound expertise on the size, colours and placement of the design is essential since the result is not easily modified. Tattoo artists may also do a few less creative jobs such as scheduling appointments and negotiating prices.

Video Editor

Average salary: £28,000 per year

Even a short funny movie clip you send to your friends can be the result of arduous effort, all done by video editors. To produce consistent video footage specialists have to bring together thousands of small pieces, then make them look integrated and exciting. This work requires creating nice pictures accompanied by suitable sounds and graphic effects. A video editing specialist needs to have a clear vision of the final picture, so an ability to sketch some elements quickly and properly would assist in this type of career path.

Landscape Architect

Average salary: £36,000 per year

Have you ever walked down the street and caught yourself thinking that the surrounding area looks inviting and aesthetically pleasing? If people feel safe, easily interact and can subconsciously navigate in public spaces, landscape architects have done a great job. They are the very people who design, plan and supervise the visage of big urban and rural areas. Such specialists focus primarily on outdoor spaces and create the peaceful coexistence of habitats for both nature and humans. Landscape designers work differently and are mainly focused on residential projects. It goes without saying that architecture involves a good command of specialised software. An ability to picture the future landscape where human activity meets nature remains the core skill for both job types.

Note: This position requires a relevant degree accredited by the Landscape Institute.

Art restoration specialist

Average salary: £68,000 per year

Restoring pieces of art is an honourable and respected job. Public attention to the past is constantly growing. Preservation of heritage has become an indispensable element of culture, politics, economy and even fashion. Therefore, the demand for such specialists is consistently

Art restorers don’t have to be as great at painting as the artists, whose masterpieces they save. However, such specialists need to understand all subtleties of ancient technologies and take
the best measures to repair damages with minimal intrusion. There is almost no room for error, so even small technical steps require thorough examination of each piece, preparation and research. However, this responsibility pays off. The niche is traditionally quite small and if you build a good reputation for yourself, clients would be generous with remuneration.

Note: To work in this field, one should have a degree in Art Conservation or a closely related

An analysis conducted by Jooble seeds the idea that although a good command of various software has become an absolute must-have for many artistic jobs, painting and drawing skills remain core requirements that successful specialists should have.

A proverb says, ‘To be happy people should turn their job into art’. As we see it, art itself could be an exciting and lucrative career choice.

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