‘Waking Dream’ Nneka Uzoigwe

A collection of mysterious paintings opening doors onto the imagination, Waking Dream explores the beauty of the semi-consciousness. Weaving a web through personal dreams, desires and tchotchkes. Alone within the sepia hours of dusk and dawn, daydreams appear. A kaleidoscope of inner self swirling from fragments of past and present. Objects become portals to memories, dreams converge into a jumble of worlds that create a familiar space and fantasy’s flicker between nightmare and fairy tale. I wanted to create paintings that felt like freeze frames of a magical event about to take place, creating a space that is happening in the mind while also being present.” – Nneka Uziogwe

Nneka’s fantastic exhibition ‘Waking Dream’ is being held at The Gallery at Green & Stone from 6th – 18th September 2021. Be sure to go along!

After developing her craft whilst studying at London Fine Art Studios, Nneka now teaches with us part-time. Having received the De Laszlo Foundation Scholarship in 2016 and 2017, she has gone on to be included in the Royal Society of Painters Annual Exhibition, where she received The De Laszlo Foundation Award, and Green & Stone’s 2020 Summer Exhibition, where she won first place.

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