‘Turas’ Georgina Vestey

Blue Rocks, Sanna Bay 11 x 14 inches

“‘TURAS’ (meaning journey in Gaelic) shows the landscapes painted on my most recent travels. During lockdown I took on a new project in the shape of a converted ford transit van named ‘Trixy’, learnt how to park her and took to the road as soon as restrictions lifted. Hugely inspired by the Scottish Colourists, I explored the west coast of Scotland and Outer Hebrides, where I painted jaw dropping terrain in every type of weather imaginable. It was magical having the freedom to move around in my studio/home and hope that my paintings capture the immense joy that I felt being completely submerged in the land that I love the most.”

Georgie Vestey’s debut solo exhibition ‘TURAS’ will be held at the Coningsby Gallery, London, from 27th September – 2nd October 2021

During her four years of training at London Fine Art Studios, Georgie discovered her passion for painting en plein air which has subsequently enabled her to travel to places such as India and Morocco in pursuit of the most beautiful scenery. She has had two near sell-out joint exhibitions with fellow LFAS alumni Daisy Perkins, one of which went on to be re-exhibited at the Indian Embassy’s Nehru Centre after a three month collaboration with SCAD, an NGO in Tamil Nadu.   

Make sure to head down to the Coningsby Gallery this week to see the exhibition!  

Find out more about the exhibition on the gallery’s website here.

Or view the artist’s website here

Emerald Sea, Seilebost 11 x 14 inches 

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