Sophia Burnell – ‘Catching Light’

Catching Light is an exhibition of 40 new works, painted over the last year by London Fine Arts alum Sophia Burnell. Each painting explores the enigmatic and ever-changing nature of light and colour in the landscape. Painting en plein air, out in the elements, Sophia aims to capture the true essence of the scene before her.

Catching Light includes paintings of the south of England and the east coast of Scotland. Sophia captures the rolling hills of Hampshire and West Sussex in their splendour in August just before harvest, in soft tones in the snow, or with hazy mists at first light. Sophia is continually captivated by the beaches in West Sussex, West Wittering and Bosham. She returns to paint these spots time and time again, always finding something new to explore. 

Similarly, the beaches of the east coast of Scotland are depicted with great passion. The vibrant hues of the beaches in East Lothian, with misty hills in the distance provide fantastic subject matter. In her paintings of St. Andrews, Sophia captures the beauty of the beaches and town in both sparkling, vibrant light and on atmospheric, subtle grey days.

Sophia’s passion for nature and love of the countryside is one of the central themes of the exhibition. Capturing each scene in its most beguiling state, Sophia portrays the beauty she sees throughout the seasons, in nature.

Catching Light goes live on Sophia’s website at 10am on the 8th of October and will be available to view in person at The Light Room, Alresford from the 22nd – 24th of October, 10am-6.30pm.

The Light Room, Alresford 22nd – 24th October 2021

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