Ann’s Plein Air Series with Artist and Illustrators

Ann Witheridge, founder of London Fine Art Studios, is currently writing a five-part series on Plein Air Painting for the Artist and Illustrators magazine. The first article is already out in the June edition, with the rest to follow!

Now it’s finally summer, it’s the perfect season for en plein air painting. If you’re not sure how to get started, Ann’s first article is a great place to begin.

Ann teaches landscape painting at London Fine Art Studios, and you can often find her and her class out and about London’s parks.

In this series of articles, Ann will walk readers through the process of plein air painting, from initial sketches, choosing a composition, understanding value, and colour.

If you’d like to learn how to paint landscapes with Ann herself, why not sign up to our July short courses?

Make sure to pick up next month’s issue to read the Ann’s next article on using oil paints and colour harmonies.

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