Summer Artist Residency: Kwesi Awotwi

We are delighted to announce that Kwesi Awotwi has been awarded London Fine Art Studios first Summer Artist Residency. This August, as Artist in Residence, Kwesi will be using one of the studios to develop his practice in anticipation of an exhibition next year, and following the success of his documentary ‘Tree of Roots’.

The Summer Artist residency programme has been established to provide an artist with a dedicated time and space to dedicate to their work. We welcome artists both both within and outside the figurative tradition, and we are very excited to see the work that Kwesi Awotwi produces during his time as Artist in Residence.

Last year Kwesi Awotwi debuted his short film, TREE OF ROOTS, a documentary exploring his journey as an artist and identity as British Ghanaian. Filming took him to Accra where he uncovered the culture and art history of his Ghanaian heritage. Inspired by the discoveries he made while making the film, Kwesi is now working on a year-long project title ‘Tree of Roots: The Exhibition’. This project serves as an extension of his film, aiming to produce artwork for a solo exhibition in 2023 that will reflect his development as an artist, again exploring his identity.

Kwesi will be keeping a detailed report of his time during his Artist Residency, so keep an eye out for his updates in August!

Kwesi Awotwi Artist Residency Tree of Roots
Still from Tree of Roots of Kwesi Awotwi, successful applicant of Summer Artist Residency programme

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