About Scott


I began my formal training in portrait painting and sculpture while completing a Bachelor of Art’s degree from DePaul University, Chicago. Receiving a scholarship from DePaul called the Dean’s Art Scholarship enabled me to pursue my passion for art, traveling to Italy to train in traditional 19th century  techniques. In Florence, I worked as an apprentice to figurative artist Charles Cecil. After a few years I was made Chief Studio Assistant, teaching representational sculpture for six years.

After nearly ten years in glorious Florence I moved to London in 2003, and in 2004 I set up my first studio in Battersea.  Together with my wife Ann (who I met in Florence and is also an artist), I co-Founded the first private atelier in London called ‘Lavender Hill Studios’, which offers a series of full and part-time courses in the specific field of representational art.  You can view the schools website by clicking this link: www.lavenderhillstudios.com   I also set up an online art shop called www.lavenderhillcolours.com selling traditional plaster casts for artists and other art related materials.

I sculpt entirely in clay never in stone or wood. I then have the foundry take a mould and pour the plasters or bronzes of my work.   I do however apply all my own patinas giving me the exact colouring that I like the finish to be.

Most recently I completed a complex full-length life-size bronze for Mayfield Garden, a specially designed, privately owned feature garden near Oberon NSW, Australia.  This was around two years in the making and it is of the owner of the property.

I have exhibited my sculptures in England, Italy and America and have had a solo show at Lord Leighton House Museum in Holland Park.