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August Residency Applications Open 2024

As part of our artist residency programme at London Fine Art Studios, each August we will offer a one-month artist residency programme to artists inspired by and drawing from the figurative tradition.  The residency will give the artist the opportunity to develop new work in a specifically designed studio space.  All applications are welcome from artists both within and outside of the figurative […]

Claudette Johnson ‘Presence’: Exhibition Review at the Courtauld Gallery

Student Lorna, half de Laszlo scholar for the autumn term, visited Claudette Johnson’s exhibition at the Courtauld gallery. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of Claudette Johnson prior to visiting theexhibition currently showing at the Courtauld gallery. But not as embarrassed as I am to admit that Ican’t name […]

Phoebe Dickinson: Great Houses and Gardens of England

London Fine Art Studios’ Alum Phoebe Dickinson has a new exhibition – Great Houses and Gardens of England. Dickinson gallery hosts an exhibition featuring new works by celebrated portraitist Phoebe Dickinson. Great Houses and Gardens of England includes approximately 60 of Phoebe’s paintings showcasing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in the British stately home today. […]

“Exploring Otherlands: A Personal Journey of Cultural Roots through Art”

I’m absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news about our upcoming exhibition, “Otherlands,” which will be showcased at the Green and Stone Gallery. The show will feature my work, along with stunning paintings of fellow artists Toby Gawler and Annam Butt. Through our distinct cultural lenses – Italian, Australian, and British Pakistani – we invite […]